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Meet SHALOM McGoffin

Her Incredible Real Estate Pedigree Will Bring You Peace of Mind When You Make Your Move!

Shalom McGoffin

Shalom McGoffin

Shalom. It’s a word that means “peace,” and it’s also the name for businesswoman Shalom McGoffin. It’s an ideal name, but not for the reasons you would think. You see, Shalom is not a quiet, low energy wallflower. Quite the opposite. Shalom is a doer. She’s a dynamo and people seem to gravitate to her upbeat energy. When there’s something fun to do or someone’s planning a get together, her operative phrase is “I AM IN.”

Peace of Mind
You see, the reason Shalom is a perfect name for this respected real estate professional is that her dynamic personality, combined with the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to the table, makes great things happen for her appreciative clientele — and that results in a whole lot of PEACE of mind for a lot of happy clients!

An Incredible Business Opportunity

Shalom’s family had moved to Atlanta during the economic hardships of the 1980s Oil Crisis. Shalom’s father saw an opportunity. He founded Showhomes of America, an innovative real estate company that became wildly successful, and was even featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and in Money Magazine. Everyone in the family was involved as it grew to 30 franchises all across America.

The Critical Component

Shalom learned the business from the ground up and oversaw operations and training for 30 offices. Strategically, Shalom went from shadowing the interior designers who helped the families decorate and showcase the home to handling it herself. Shalom mastered the art of interior design in challenging real world applications. She became the most critical person in the business, expertly handling every facet. It was like earning a PhD in the buying and selling process. Shalom was licensed in California, Arizona, Georgia and Florida, becoming an incredible real estate force to be reckoned with.

The Road to Florida

In 2016, it was decided that her husband Trent needed to open an office in Florida to grow his mold remediation company. Making her children the top priority, Shalom did research and found the area of Viera online. The family moved here sight unseen. Shalom wanted a small town feel with good schools for her then elementary aged children. Now, years later, the family has moved closer to Suntree, where they enjoy golf membership and a wonderful sense of community.

Making it Happen in Space Coast Real Estate

True to form, Shalom has leveraged her decades of experience and knowledge in every aspect of the industry into a respected reputation in Space Coast real estate. And much of that reputation is garnered not only from her extensive experience, but also from her tenacious and driven doer mentality. If you need to know anything home or real estate related, Shalom will know the answer, or if she doesn’t, she won’t rest until she finds out for you!

An Unforgettable Professional

In fact, once you meet Shalom, you won’t soon forget her. She is a well-respected on-site agent for local projects. She is an invaluable advisor to buyers looking to navigate the local market to find the ideal home. She’s also an integral wealth of staging/design, marketing, and negotiation knowledge for her appreciative sellers looking to maximize their return on investment.

Peace of Mind for Your Next Move

Are you ready to make a move? You deserve the peace of mind that comes from all of Shalom’s considerable real estate expertise and her get it done mentality. For Real Estate Peace of Mind — by Design, be sure to call the respected expert, SHALOM McGoffin!

Shalom McGoffin in Florida. Peace of Mind for Your Next Move.

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