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Increase Your Florida Home's Value by "Hardscaping"

Your Lawn May Look Good, but How's Your 'Hardscaping?'

Spring sets all homeowners in motion to make sure their landscaping is up to par and ready for warm-weather entertaining. But while landscapes and lawns require ongoing maintenance your home's "hardscape" usually represents a one-time investment.

According to more and more homeowners are investing bigger dollars in their outdoor area's hardscape by adding outdoor kitchens fire pits and seating areas. Creating a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space enhances both your quality of living and your home's resale value. According to a Clemson University study homes with an excellent outdoor environment can anticipate a sale price that is about 6 - 7 percent higher than expected.

Installing decks and pavers are popular hardscaping projects that pay immediate dividends says Vila. But before you dive into your hardscaping project make sure you have a long-term plan that realistically fits your budget. Outdoor kitchens are difficult to move once installed. When choosing a location for your fire pit take gas and water line locations into consideration.

If you aren't ready to commit to a hardscape plan says Vila then start slowly and get that grill you've been wanting and that portable fire pit that you can try out in different spots around your yard.

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