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The Central Florida Space Coast and Brevard County offer
a world-class lifestyle.


Central Florida Coastal Cities

The Central Florida Space Coast and Brevard County offer a world-class lifestyle. Here is a list of the premier communities Jack Jeffcoat and Jeffcoat & Co. serve. If you would like more information on any specific community, email Jack.

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Brevard Communities

Brevard County’s allure rests in its remarkable synthesis of city life mixed with suburbia, fused with a laidback beach town. Simply stated - it’s the best of all worlds. Exemplifying a place that everyone seeks, but few find - Brevard provides residents the luxury of having it all. Its eclectic and pristine communities house unique gems in the form of arts, entertainment and environment. You may think you know Brevard County, but you’ve merely had a taste. Dive in, and find out why scores of homebuyers gravitate to this area, over other parts of the country, to establish residence and feed its tourism industry.

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Beach Life

Toss off your shoes and sink your feet into the sand - its time to take advantage of the 72 miles of the area’s gorgeous beachfront property. The soothing sounds of the crashing waves and the dazzling view of the cerulean Atlantic create the perfect backdrop for some R&R and necessary play time. Soak up some Vitamin D and rediscover why beach living is the best kind of living.

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Active Lifestyle

Brevard County’s aesthetically-pleasing landscape and favorable climate make this a place everyone wants to work and play. Sports-enthusiasts such as golfers, boaters, tennis players, fishermen, surfers… all fervently soak up the natural elements while partaking in their favorite pastimes. With the warm sun shining high over head and the refreshing, sparkling waters gliding beneath your boat or surf board, this place is a picture-perfect retreat. Leave all the work day’s stress behind and indulge in Florida’s little piece of paradise!

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Arts & Entertainment

Brevard County lures in the creme de la creme, including heavy hitting headliners, like Bill Maher, Yanni, Penn & Teller... When it comes to arts and entertainment, the area is brimming with live performances to quench your cultural appetite. A burgeoning mecca of entertainment, there is a multitude of mediums - Broadway musicals, symphonies, comedy shows, ballet performances, concerts, and so much more, to attend. Maxwell C. King Center for Performing Arts, situated on Brevard Community College's campus in Melbourne, FL, hosts several artistic and cultural showcases year-round. Here you can listen to the masterful sounds of the Brevard Symphony Orchestra as well as view the beauty and grace of the Space Coast Ballet. A time honored tradition of the area is to attend their elaborate and enchanting production of "The Nutcracker" during the winter season, which is a delight for all ages.

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To Live & Dine in Brevard

In the last few years, Brevard County has taken its fine fare to a phenomenal level with menus serving up innovative and mouthwatering bites. Touting a cornucopia of palette-pleasing restaurants, even the most discerning taste buds will be sated by the selection. Sample some local flavorful fare, like gator meat, fresh succulent seafood or perfectly prepared cuts of beef at one of their epicurean eateries. No matter the type of cuisine you're craving, you can find it tucked away in the county.

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Luxe Living

To have every decadent amenity under the sun, for an affordable price tag, is what Brevard County presents to residents. Mere steps away from the lulling and relaxing waves that crash onto the Space Coast's beaches, and next-door to dynamic, culturally-infused cities - these are the captivating elements that appeal to homebuyers and tourists. This beautiful, sub-tropical and diverse region will continue to establish itself with the assistance of its innovative business industry and rising population of inhabitants.

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Education & Employment

Brevard County is home to stellar educational system, which is one of the reasons why families find it so appealing to reside here. Its the 10th largest school system in Florida, and has 110 educational intuitions as well as seven charter schools and 17 special centers to choose from. A staggering 19 of Florida's 21 “Music Demonstration” schools are positioned within the county. There are a fine selection of schools to choose from, all of which are highly commended for their rating and overall excellence.

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