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The Approach is Everything

"When you push forward without fear of failure, it's amazing how quickly a challenge can become an opportunity."

Jack Jeffcoat with Real Estate Clients

"Challenge" Is Just Another Word For "Opportunity"

There is a point in every round of golf where you are forced with a decision. Go for the green or play it safe and lay up? For Jack Jeffcoat III, there’s not even an option. “Bring it on,” he says. He knows the reward far outweighs the risk. After all, Jack is driven by the unique challenge brought on by each new course or round of golf he plays. Golf is an opportunity to continually push himself and achieve his personal best.

It All Starts with the Drive

It’s always been Jack’s nature to embrace challenge and put himself to the test. It’s a trait he attributes to his upbringing. Jack grew up in Key West, Florida, where his first love was the water. His father taught him to waterski, scuba dive and spear fish at a young age. But it was always about more than just learning adventurous watersports. These experiences became valuable life lessons for Jack. “My father taught me so much about how to make the most of every moment and how to drive toward opportunities,” he says. “He inspired me to get out there and be passionate about everything that I do.”

On the Right Course

Jack Jeffcoat - Family Man

A true family man, Jack cherishes every moment spent with his wife and three children, Emily, Jack IV and Landon.

And that’s just what Jack did. Though his father was a leading real estate broker and it would have been easy for him to hitch a “free ride” in the family business, Jack was driven to carve his own course to success. He moved to Central Florida, went to college and embarked on a fruitful career in sales. By applying his driven work ethic, Jack soon proved that he was ready for any challenge.

In the end, he realized his true calling was indeed real estate. It wasn’t the typical way to follow the family legacy, but like his father before him, Jack built his own business from the ground up and quickly earned his own reputation as a premier real estate professional. Jack’s passion, drive and dedication have fueled his continued success in real estate. And, it’s these values that he is striving to pass onto his own children, Emily and Jack IV. They are his inspiration to be his best every day both personally and professionally.

A Proven Approach in Brevard County

With strong priorities of his own, Jack understands just how important an investment your home or vacation property is to you. That’s what drives him to help you seize your Florida real estate opportunities. From luxury waterfront homes to golf course properties, he applies his vast expertise, genuine dedication and steadfast attention to detail to ensure your success. No matter what your objectives, Jack rises to the challenge and handles every detail to provide you with the best possible real estate experience.

For your next Florida home sale or property investment in Brevard County or in Central Florida, Jack Jeffcoat III brings A Driven Approach to real estate. Contact him today and discover what this proven professional can do for you!

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