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Simple Tips to Protect Your Lawn

Learn how to keep your lawn protected from the Florida summer heat and droughts

Record-setting heat and drought conditions this summer have prompted many homeowners to give up hope for a green lawn. The biggest threat to lawns this time of year is heat not necessarily only a lack of water.

"The solution to a distressed lawn is not just more water but how you water" said John Eden a lawn care specialist with Denver-based Revive Inc. "Watering deeper and longer not more frequently results in stronger root systems."

Here are a few lawn care tips for homeowners to keep in mind in order to combat the extreme temperatures:
Avoid watering during daytime hours: Avoid evaporation by running sprinkler zones during the late evening and early morning; Water twice a day splitting the zone times in half.

Check sprinklers for water output and coverage: Place a shallow container on the lawn to measure water intake. Lawns require about two inches of water per week during the peak summer temperatures.

Reducing heat stress: During hot daytime temperatures sun-exposed areas that are stressed can be cooled off by wetting ("syringing") the turf for a few minutes with a hose. Syringing can reduce damage by cooling and refreshing heat-stressed areas.

Mow smarter sharpen blades: Set the mower height level as high as possible. Leave lawn clippings behind and use a mulching mower to recycle moisture and nutrients back into the yard. Be sure to sharpen the lawnmower blade twice each summer.

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