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Make the Most of your Porch

The Florida summer is here, Spend it outside

After all your summertime fun and festivities are over I know there's nothing like a relaxing break on the porch. And making the best of your porch large or small can really enhance the look and marketability of your property as well as providing an oasis to chill on those breezy summer evenings.

I found plenty of bright ideas for enhancing your porch at A favorite project involved painting the ceiling blue in a gesture toward traditional Southern style.

According to the blog there are many stories as to why homeowners in the south painted porch ceilings blue. One Carolina low country legend states that the pale blue paint wards off spirits of the dead called Haints which cannot cross water.

Therefore "Haint Blue" was applied to surfaces like porch ceilings shutters doors and window trims. It is also believed that the pale blue keeps away pesky insects by tricking them to believe it's the sky and therefore thinking they cannot build their nests there.

(Actually the reason was that blue paint during the time contained lye-a known bug repellent.)

Adding a ceiling fan can provide a gentle breeze to cool you on warm summer days or nights and curtains not only add a touch of elegance but can provide shade and privacy when closed.

Also consider rolling out an area rug to help define the space. And don't forget that lighting is the most important element to good design. Without it you won't be able to see your space or even function in it.

Finally maybe go all out and hang a hammock porch swing or rocker - more on that option in our next segment. And if you're thinking about adding furniture remember fads may come and go - but wicker never goes out of style.

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