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End-of-Summer Renovating Tips

Renovating at the end of summer is a great idea

Just because summer is nearly over doesn't mean your home improvement projects need to come to a halt along with those lazy pool days and barbecues.

One effective method to choosing a home improvement project is to conduct a perimeter walk of their homes and take note of any exterior problems including landscaping fixes driveway repairs new paint etc.

Landscaping fixes generally can be done by the homeowner; trim back your trees fix any broken fences and clean up those flower beds for fall. If it's a larger project be sure to do your research before calling in a professional. A certified contractor can make driveway repairs and a quality housepainter can freshen up your home's outdoor appearance.

Another end of summer project to tackle is checking and testing window seals as the days of ceiling-fan and air-conditioning use eventually will lead to turning up the heat.

Out back pool decks boat docks and pathways should be inspected for damage such as mildew rotting wood and cracks. All are relatively easy to fix and will improve the look of the back-yard vista making it more appealing for potential buyers.

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