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Spring Home Improvements

This Spring, Make Your Home Improvements Colorful

Spring is finally here and people are looking to update their homes and turn their design dreams into reality. In fact two-in-three (62 percent) homeowners are planning a painting project according to the National Home Color Survey from Sherwin-Williams.

From simply updating a room to a complete home transformation homeowners are looking for ways to add color to their space. The home's most colorful features paintings/wall hangings (39 percent) walls (23 percent) and furniture (15 percent) are often used to express people's creativity and interests.

"I love to see people get out of their neutral groove and add a splash of color to rejuvenate a room whether it's with eye-catching accessories or a fresh coat of paint" says David Bromstad HGTV star and celebrity interior designer. "Color can really set the mood for a room and bring personality to your home."

Bringing More Color into the Home
The National Home Color Survey indicates three-in-four homeowners (74 percent) would like to incorporate more color in their homes especially the living room (29 percent) bedroom (19 percent) and kitchen (10 percent).

That said the most commonly used living spaces are in need of the most paint this year with 32 percent of homeowners focusing on their bedrooms 29 percent tackling the living/family room and 28 percent updating their bathroom. In addition 15 percent of people believe their home's exterior could use a refresh.

National Painting week kicked off on April 15. To inspire homeowners. will feature color inspiration painting ideas expert tips product information and one-of-a-kind projects from 14 top design bloggers.

Tips to Rejuvenate Your Home with Color

Identify a colorful object as the focal point of the room. Select a few colorful pieces to build your room around such as artwork or a lively piece of furniture. Throw in some fun accessories like geometric patterned pillows bright lacquered picture frames or unusual light fixtures.

Explore color. Use a range of color selection tools to help select colors for your space.

Highlight unexpected areas. Colorful paint can turn ordinary areas like ceilings banisters or doorframes into extraordinary spaces. If you want to keep walls neutral paint a piece of furniture such as a chair headboard or the back of a bookshelf. Or balance neutral walls with bright trim on doors windows and ceilings.

Use colorful patterns for the illusion of space. When working with a small or challenging space use paint to create optical illusions. Horizontal stripes can help small rooms feel more spacious while vertical stripes can add the illusion of height to low ceilings.


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