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Bathroom Remodel for $150

Remodel Your Bathroom for Under $150

No that won't cover the new spa tub you may yearn for admits Miami decorator Laura Drucker. But the small investment of $150 or less can spruce up a tired bathroom enough to lift your spirits.

Dale suggests six inexpensive bathroom makeover tips that can make a big difference:

Clear the counters Nothing makes a bathroom more uninviting than a clutter of brushes make-up and accessories. Prowl the nearest drugstore home or department store for a few inexpensive cosmetic storage containers. Get rid of the almost-emptys and the stuff you rarely use and organize the rest in your new mini-bins. Put a hook or two in a cabinet or behind the door to hold shavers hair dryers and the like.

Paint a wall or two Fresh paint wakes up any room. Go for a forest green or burgundy-colored wall for a touch of elegance or paint all the walls aqua or a pastel shade you like for a calmer more spa-like atmosphere.

Make it rain Invest $40 or $50 in a new shower head to turn your shower into a rain forest. It's a cheap massage and one you will treasure morning after morning.

Buy a great shower curtain There are hundreds of patterns available out there. Toss out that boring old solid-colored curtain and choose one that adds a bit of glamour or at the very least makes you smile.

Get a seriously comfy bathmat The new memory foam mats are pretty to look at and they absorb water and dry quickly. Or choose a seriously plush one you can sink your feet into to feel like you are walking on cloud nine.

Breathe it in Candles are a great way to add a touch of luxury and ambiance to any little bathroom and if you choose the right candle make it smell delicious. Clear off part of a shelf or windowsill or hang a small shelf on one wall and pick out you favorite scent. If you're not a candle person or fear the possibility of fire find a pretty diffuser to place in the bathroom instead.

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