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How to Keep Your Home Pest Free

How to Keep Your Florida Home Pest Free This Summer

Summer brings the return of bugs and other pests to your home. The first line of defense against an invasion is keeping your home clean and eliminating attractants that may bring the unwanted guests indoors.

To help keep your house pest-free here's a list of the top cleaning tips to avoid the pest invasion that comes with summer months:

Clean dishes immediately to avoid flies. Don't wait until the end of the day to wash your dishes especially if they have sticky residues. Before scrapping leftovers into the garbage drain moisture and place scraps in a tightly tied bag in a trash can with a fitted lid.

Practice insect control with non-toxic organic sprays and insecticides. Home remedies or commercial products are effective for homeowners which work on ants roaches fleas etc.

Prevent roaches by regularly cleaning around the fridge stove and dishwasher to remove food crumbs. Keep the areas free of liquid by cleaning kitchen counters after every meal mopping the floor and wiping down baseboards.

Cut back bushes and tree branches around your house. Remove any piles of leaves or other debris that has accumulated as they are perfect nesting spots for bugs and other pests.

Seal small cracks in windows doors or floorboards where bugs could get in with caulk.

Place food in clean fruit bowls and use a lid to create a barrier between fruit flies and your items. For more read Molly Maid's post on getting rid of fruit flies.

Source: Molly Maid

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