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Feng Shui Tips that May (Or May Not) Change Your Life

Feng Shui Tips that May (Or May Not) Change Your Life

By Barbara Pronin

Whether or not you believe in feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to harmonize human existence, the fact is that many of the decorating guidelines inspired by feng shui simply make sense in terms of creating a tranquil and inviting home atmosphere.

HGTV feng shui consultant Suzanne Metzger suggests eight feng shui tips that may or may not improve your love life or bring you more money, but which may, at least, improve the look and feel of your living space:

To encourage romance –

Decorate in pairs – Create an image of partnership. Avoid putting a single chair in one corner, which suggests singularity. Hang pictures in pairs, and surround yourself with doubles, including such things as candlesticks and dual bookshelves.

Opt for a round dining table – Placing family and guests where everyone can see everyone else is important to building camaraderie, friendship, and even love.

Add whimsy to the bedroom – Add something whimsical, perhaps artwork, photos, or brightly printed pillows, that brings a smile to your lips – and try decorating with a splash of pink, the color associated with love, joy, happiness and romance.

Keep the kitchen clean – Feng shui proponents say keeping the stove clean and the fridge and pantry organized open pathways to love and serenity.

To attract prosperity –

Make your front door inviting – A pleasant front entry invites opportunity. The welcome mat should be bright and fresh, the door neatly painted or cleaned, and a pot of flowers or greens at or near the front door can be a welcome and lucky talisman.

Lose clutter and add plants – To encourage prosperity, create a vibrant, healthy, and clutter-free home. While clutter jams up good energy, life forces such as plants, flowers and fresh air are stimulants that inspire success.

Choose your favorite hues – Don’t decorate with the ‘in’ colors of the moment. Choosing fabrics and furniture that reflect your personal preferences can inspire friendship, sharing, and love.

Avoid water issues – Feng shui proponents believe drippy faucets are a sign of money going to waste. To attract money, repair any broken fountains, drippy faucets and the like, and avoid displaying water-based artwork above your bed.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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