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Landscape Projects, Supplies Come Cheap as Winter Nears

In much of the country, winter is quickly approaching, or already here...

By John Voket


In much of the country, winter is quickly approaching, or already here. I was just clued in by my colleagues at AARP about fantastic opportunities in late fall that could give you a real jump on beautifying your lawns and landscapes next spring.

According to a new AARP report by author Jeff Yeager aka 'The Ultimate Cheapskate,' ( fall is a good time to plant trees, shrubs, and many other perennial plants in most U.S. climate zones.

He says the soil is nice and warm, which promotes good root growth, and — unlike in the spring — young upstarts don't face the potential of a long, hot, dry summer. Plant perennials in the fall and they can get established before going dormant for a winter's nap.

Best of all, Yeager says you can find terrific bargains on perennial garden stock, as nurseries and garden centers liquidate their summertime inventory

Since the grass in your yard is probably a perennial variety, Yeager says fall is also the perfect time in most areas of the country to seed or reseed lawns and even install new sod. Because most people only think about having a lush, green lawn in the spring and summer, you can sometimes negotiate a lower rate on sod installation in the fall.

And, he says if you're looking to sign or renew an annual contract for lawn care services, you're likely to get a better deal in the fall — when lawn companies are hurting for business — than if you wait until next spring.

DIY-ers will find that home improvement centers have very competitive fall prices on things like pressure-treated lumber, outdoor paving supplies and landscaping materials. And Yeager says if you're looking to hire a contractor for outdoor projects, it's a buyer's market in the fall compared to spring and summer when there is loads of work.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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